Because making friends should be fun.


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Unfortunately when you move to a new place, everyone else has yet to find out. In a study released by UCLA, half of Americans reported feeling lonely, with younger generations bearing the brunt of the sentiment. Considering the abundance of technology at our fingertips,

there is no reason it should

be so hard to make friends.

So let's do something about it.

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 Competitive Analysis 

When comparing social networks, there are absolutely a plethora of friend-based apps to choose from. However, the ones that do focus on friendship frequently prioritize dating or a hookup culture which can make it hard to navigate intentions. Meetup is a nice alternative to that, but even there it is more club and interest oriented, operating on a come-if-you-want-to-meet-total-strangers basis.


Friendly is a fictional app that cuts to the chase by weeding out factors most likely to inhibit a connection. Over time, machine learning could enable further optimized matches based on more efficient indicators.

d e f i n e 

Tired of dick pics?

Relationships take work, and it can be demoralizing when something doesn't work out.

The challenging thing about pursuing romance is that it can often send you back to square one unless you have a network of friends to fall back on.

That's why we're focusing on

platonic connection.



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